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10 photos

My ten photo submissions for consideration. This was my first year submitting for the calendar. They received about 400-500 photos. This year they chose 53 photos from 19 photographers.

Three of my photos were chosen, what a thrill!! The Costas Hummingbird on the fence, the Peregrine Falcon, and the sunset shot.

For information about Bolsa Chica: To purchase a calendar $11.00:
Osprey LunchA Green Heron posing for the camera.A seagull welcoming people to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.The end of another great day of shooting at Bolsa Chica. (inside front cover)A Peregrine Falcon coming in for a landing. (August calendar page)"Miss May" - A Costas Hummingbird. (May Cover)Sharp-shinned Hawk.A Great Blue Heron couple at their nest in a palm tree.Female Red-shafted Northern FlickerAn Anna's hummingbird feeding her babies.