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Nature's Single Mom DVDNature's Single Mom DVD $15Documenting the nesting cycle of the Anna's hummingbird, observed in the wild. PLUS 5 ADDITIONAL VIDEOS! Stunning slide show with fascinating facts. Learn how to properly feed hummingbirds. Learn how to create a hummingbird paradise where you life. Learn about the Migratory Bird Act, and what to do with an injured hummingbird. My photography bio and mission statement as a photographer.
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This is a 9 minute promotional video for my 45 minute in-person multi-media presentation. I documented the hummingbird nesting process, capturing very detailed images, videos, and recorded sounds, together with a story that is full of facts about the Anna's Hummingbird.

Orange County Register Article

A nice narrative, by contributing writer Jennifer J. Meyer, that was published in the Home and Garden section of the Saturday/early Sunday edition on February 6, 2016



  My in-person presentation is available in Southern California.        

Nature's Single MomNature's Single MomAn informative experience full of facts about the Anna's hummingbird. Demonstrated by incredibly detailed photographs.

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"Her presentation was very informative... her speaking style was very engaging...

Ms. Michaels displayed a solid knowledge of hummingbirds...  her photographs were exceptional.

She outlined how she employed birding ethics, and encouraged others to do the same."

Douglas Lithgow  //  Program Chair for Sea and Sage Audubon  //  Irvine Chapter 

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"Ms. Michaels' presentations are professional, educational, and to the best of my knowledge, accurate."

Jennifer J. Meyer //  Orange County Register Contributing Columnist //  Blog: jjthebackyardbirder

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"You did a wonderful job presenting in a way that had both kids and parents interested in what was going to happen next,

and your photos were pretty incredible."

Kory McCain  //  Park Ranger II at O'Neill Regional Park  //  OC Parks