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With a week's notice, I found myself on a plane to Maui for 9 wonderful days (thank you Sandi and Bernie!).

I was on clound 9 when I discovered the circle of life in full swing in the bird world. The various species were busy mating, nesting, and raising chicks. All the bird photos were shot within a short walk from our condo. I saw 16 species, all very animated, all living in the nature nirvana on the island. There are no wild ground animals (other than probably rodents), and no raptors, no apprerent threat to the birds there. It was like the Pleasantville of the nature world. I thought I was in a Merry Melodies cartoon!

And the flowers... for a color addict, I was definitely satisfied. I photographed only a tiny portion of the awesome flora and fauna. One would have to live there and shoot full time to document all the incredibly beautiful or interesting plants that grow on the islands.

I sure would love to visit during each season of the year. But, sadly, I could never live in Hawaii. There are no hummingbirds there. I was unable to find a legitimate reason why. So... if there is ever a project to introduce hummingbirds to the islands, sign me up. The perfect dream job!

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Enjoy, and thank you for your time.
Our beach at Napili BayView from Napili Bay, Molokai in the distance.A view from the beach at the Grand Wailea Resort.Napili BayView from Honokeana CoveView from Napili Bay, Molokai in the distance.Sunrise at our beach in Napili BaySunset in Ka‘anapaliSunset in Ka‘anapaliSunset in Ka‘anapaliView from the 11th floor of the Mahana at Ka‘anapali, HonokowaiA rainbow treat! It started here.The rainbow grew...A double rainbow!The waterfall at the Grand Wailea ResortA fountain view at the Grand Wailea ResortThe chapel at the Grand Wailea ResortInside the chapel.At the alter.Statue, at the Grand Wailea Resort, named "Hawaiian Woman Smoking a Cigarette."