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A night time meetup to photograph store windows in Beverly Hills, on Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Drive. We started out in the afternoon at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LACMA) only to find out it is closed on Wednesdays, including the courtyard we wanted to photograph. Instead, we enjoyed shooting the "Urban Light" installation of street lamps. This forest of city street lights was created by artist Chris Burden. These 202 cast iron lamps once lit the streets of Los Angeles. Burden bought one at the Rose Bowl flea market, and soon collecting and restoring street lights became an obsession. Burden says that street lamps like these were symbols of a civilized and sophisticated city; safe after dark and beautiful to behold. The lights all still work, they are now powered by solar energy. They are switched on every night at dusk, until 10pm. At night, Burden says his sculpture becomes transformed into “a building with a roof of light.” Next we headed to Farmer's Market for dinner, then to our meetup which started at 7:30 on the corner of Peck and Wilshire, outside Saks Fifth Avenue. We didn't have near enough time to capture all the wonderful store windows on Wilshire and Rodeo. Will definitely have to go back!
Shooting in the harsh bright sunlight, I tried to use it to my advantage.Will have to go back at night to see all these wonderful lamps lit in all their glory.Many beautiful varieties to be admired in this "forest of lamps".Twitter Haikuby Koshashah On Wilshire they standDarkness filled by Urban LightOld is new againI couldn't find anything to tell me what the A stands for. Please contact me if you know!The lamps were all painted the same neutral gray in order to draw the eye to all the different varieties of cast iron decoration.Despite initial appearances, the arrangement is not a perfect grid. Depending on where the viewer stands, the lamps arrange themselves in different angles and arrays.Twitter Poemby Maria L. Gilbert Burden-collected urban lightsstakes on frontier streetsnow proud Greco-Roman temple     culture beaconsrejoice in art& city of angelsTwitter Poemby Rebecca Taylor 202 lamps adorn the miracle mileTall, proudA brilliant labyrinth of revelationIlluminating LA’s pastA beacon of hope for tomorrowA drink of water for a visiting sparrow.#10 your order is ready.Dinner at Farmer's Market.A delicious chicken and mushroom crepe with a nice salad. Very good!Waiting for the meetup to start. A city bus just happened to drive by as I was exposing this shot for the car light trails."Red Wheels"Store window at Saks. I added the red in post processing.Love that zoom effect!One more time.