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We spent a wonderful weekend in San Diego centered around the Big Bay Boom July 4th extravaganza. We viewed the fireworks display from Centennial Park on Coronado Island, facing the beautiful city skyline. The city had four barges, strategically placed around the north bay area of San Diego Bay, that discharged fireworks simultaneously to live broadcasted music on 105.7FM. We photographed one of the four displays. Here is a link with a video explaining the fireworks setup: Due to the very large crowds we got there plenty early, found a good spot around 5:30pm, and set up our photo camp. With 3.5 hours to kill we had fun photographing all the patriotic people who walked by. There was no shortage of patriotism. It was a great evening, fireworks are so much fun to shoot!
Oooooh the sun is starting to set."Are you taking my picture?"Posing for their parents."OMG it was so funny... after she hung up I just couldn't stop laughing..."Most of the condos were adorned with red, white, and blue.My Home Sweet HomeOne of the four fireworks barges heading out.Best of Friends"Yes Mom, I told Dad I would ask you first."Boats on the Water"I love my big sis."Mr. and Mrs. Patriotic."C'mon you guys, hold still."A cruise on a tall ship.What a cute couple!San Diego CityscapeThe Magic HourEarly Evening LightGetting darker...Almost time...