gala [ˈgɑːlə ˈgeɪlə]n

a.  a celebration; festive occasion; any joyous diversion

b.  (as modifier) a gala occasion
GIF [ˈɪf or ˈɡɪf]n pronounced "jif"

a.  the Graphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format that was introduced by CompuServe in 1987


In today's high tech world of streaming video, HD, video capture apps on smart phones, podcasts... I'm celebrating the simplicity of old-fashioned type animation by creating gif files. It is a playful way to use still photos to tell a story.  And for me, it is "a joyous diversion" from taking photography too seriously.

Like the nostalgic Flip Books, that use individual images to create movement, I am using the photos in a burst series. I process each photo exactly, and match the cropping as precisely as I possibly can.