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Sometimes it's fun to play with a fisheye lens.
Fisheye RoseFisheye RoseFisheye LandscapeA Calle Lilly in Fisheye.More fisheye fun, caught a bumble bee on a poppy.The Magnolia Trees are in Bloom.A fisheye view of these round blooms.Yin Yang are complementary opposites that interact within a greater whole. Capturing a round symbol with a round lens.Didn't realize I was kneeling in goose poop to get this shot!The Aboretum in a great place to have fun with a fisheye lens.There is a lot of roundness in our world.Welcome to the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden!Pink 'n RoundThis little one was able to walk right up to the male peacock who was flaring out his feathers.A really round face in a really round lens.A wide variety of organisms take advantage of the pools of water trapped by bromeliads.A Maiden Hair FernYellow, Orange, and Red Bromelaids.A Sword Fern