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We were at the Huntington Central Park, shooting a rare bird called a Pin-tailed Whydah, which was courting the females. http://www.kimmichaels.com/Birds/Pin-tailed-Whydah The male would perform his mating dance then disappear for awhile. We had plenty of down time waiting for the bird to come back, finding other things to shoot. The first weekend we were there, we saw this mama Fox Squirrel gathering cotton and taking it up a tall Eucalyptus tree to her nest. She did this many times that day.

The next weekend we watched her move her babies out of the nest she just fixed up, over to another tall tree, into what looked like a bird nest. She moved three babies, one right after the other, to their new location. The babies were almost as big as mama, she must have a very strong neck! When she got down to the bottom of the tree, she would rest for about 15 seconds. She laid flat as a pancake on her belly, all four legs completely stretched out. The baby never moved during the entire transport. It is amazing the strength animals have.
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